Some of you are entering your favorite month of the year: September. In fact, the call committee shared that this was the month they longed for each year; perfect weather, glorious fall foliage, clear blue skies with bright, white clouds! It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not, it is really what we’ve come to expect in the end of summer and the beginning of autumn in Whatcom County, WA.

I spent today making visits to our home bound members, and part of my day was spent in the blueberries picking and eating the delicious fruit of the earth. Nowhere else can one share in Holy Communion and then commune with God in God’s land quite this way, am I right?

It’s not just the love of my home that fills me with happiness on my one-year anniversary week among you, it’s the way that we have come to live in a rhythm together. You know what days I study and when I write, which two days I try to visit and that Saturdays I try to rest (try!) You know that we are still grieving Dan’s mother’s death and all the while still in awe of the birth of our grandson.

It has been a remarkable year. Thank you for all the ways you have welcomed us. You’ve made a beautiful home for us to live in the way you have remade the parsonage. It is fabulous. The interior and all the new exterior plants. Autumn will be glorious. We will be preparing for our Annual Fall Festival, too, as well as getting back into our Wednesday schedule including Helping Hands at 3:50, supper and choirs. All are welcome to the supper at 5:00, followed by Bell Choir, Men’s Choir at 6:00 and Adult Choir at 7:00. Adult Forum will begin again on Sunday, September 15, at 10:45. Our worship experience will be strengthened with the singing of ELW Setting 7, as we welcome back our favorite bilingual liturgy, a nod to tradition, a symbol of homecoming for us, in a matter of speaking.

It is my prayer that these ways of honoring our autumn traditions bring you happiness as we delve into yet another beautiful season of worship, fellowship, honoring God, and loving neighbor here at Immanuel. I urge you to include in your prayers ways that God is shaping us to serve and love our neighbor during this season of change. Pastor Leslie


Rev. Leslie Mahraun, Pastor

Immanuel Lutheran Church, ELCA