From Pastor Leslie December 2018

Something wonderful is about to happen. You can feel it. All the world is a buzz with excitement. For about a minute the worries of the world have stopped. The refugees are warm and fed, reunited with loved ones, safe and secure in homes they thought were never even a possibility. Bombing and wars have silenced and angry and hate-filled guns no longer win the day, no one will be shot and killed, peace has come to the earth. Hunger and thirst are a thing of the past, and so is PTSD, depression, anxiety, any manner of mental illness for this moment is gone, loneliness, hate, bullying, addictions to sex, money, gambling, drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, all of it washed away.


Can you hear, off in the faint distance, over the din of the hungering for food, for justice, for equality, past the vitriol, over the hatred, there is something. It’s trying to be heard, over the noise of the pollution, of the sky, of the sea of the air, of the rivers and creeks, all full of horrible things, devoid of the once brilliant purity, now running with sewage and pollutants, signs of our greed and disregard, be still, listen…there is something.


Something wonderful is about to happen. It’s an amazing thing really, more important than the bravest of all, the most striking, the best physical representation of any specimen, human or not. Indeed, what is about to happen is more than anything we can ever imagine, yet we know what it is. We know that what is about to happen has been happening over and over again, and yet, we worry, we abuse, we hate, we kill, we torment, we suffer, become addicted. We malign, we gossip, we pollute our minds, our souls, our bodies, our air, our land and our waters, and our skies, our whole environments. And yet, or maybe still, something wonderful comes. Can you hear it? It’s very faint; we are still in the waiting process, in this Advent of what is to be. We must not be impatient to get there, because what is coming has to be more than a good feeling or a happy household with painted cookies and roasted meats and vegetables, sweet pies and frosted cakes, what is coming must outlast the effervescence of holiday cheer. What is coming? Listen, look, wait! It’s the Messiah, the savior of the world. All wrapped up in a manger, with the filth and sorrow of the world. It’s Jesus, coming to us, time and time again, because of us, and our brokenness, comes the perfection of God.