March 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We give thanks to God for all those who helped celebrate 125 years of “God With Us” at Immanuel, this past year. We continue to celebrate the present and look forward to and discover God’s future.

That future will include a new septic system to replace a failed one. A new septic system will help support and sustain our current ministries, including weekly worship in English and Spanish, 3 choirs, Bible Studies, a Wednesday night meal, weekly after-school program, quilting, hosting AA, a neighborhood playground, as we continue to be an “open door” for our community.

We give thanks to those who have already donated to our “Immanuel Lutheran Capital Campaign”. This campaign and other donations have raised, $18, 911.23 and allowed us to begin planning for the replacement of the failed system. Our council has obtained a permitted design for a new system and received 3 bids for installation. The cost for our new system will be $45,000, so we need to raise an additional $26,000.

If you have not given to this fund yet, here is your opportunity. If you have, please consider an additional gift towards this project; all are appreciated, large and small. Whatever donations we receive in excess of that which is needed for the septic system will go to other capital improvements.

Together and with “God With Us” we will see this project through. We hope to raise necessary funds and complete this project by the end of June.

Thank you and God Bless.


Immanuel Church Council, Pastor John Okan.